.460 Rowland


I have a question for you knowledgeable folk about the overall length of the .460 Rowland.

I have read that it is limited to 1.275 inches like the .45 Auto, but the one I have measures 1.390 inches. Is the bullet not seated deeply enough?


Tony - I have 4 specimens of .460 Rowland I believe to be “factory” loads - that is, not handloaded brass from an individual shooter. They measure:

Brass Case 185 Grain Defense Load - 1.2415"
Brass Case 185 Grain Nosler - 1.2325"
Brass Case 230 Grain JHP - 1.224"
Nickeled brass case, JHP (I forgot to weight this one) - 1.246"

I think yours just has bullet seated to far out.


Thanks John, I’ll have to try to push the bullet further in without damaging it (I lack access to any reloading equipment).


Tony, just take the cartridge with the bullet down and bump gently the head with a plastic hammer until the bullet will enter the case to the desired lenght


Do you have access to a bench vice? I use two pieces of wood over the jaws of a bench vice for this. It works extremely well.


Falcon is right. If I take a bullet out of a cartridge that I want to put back, even though I have a dozen sets of dies or more, I use my nylon-jawed gunsmiths vice. It is like a precision bullet seater. Most pulled bullets, especially if older ammunition, have a discoloration line right where the case mouth was, and I can seat them back precisely to the line, or to any given measurement (with a few thousandths, of course).


Thank you gentlemen, I’ll have a rummage through my tool box - I’m sure I have a small vice somewhere (well, actually I have lots of vices, but you know what I mean!).