460 Steyr

I need information on the .460 Steyr. Headstamp is “STEYR * * * 460 * * *”. The bullet is very sharply pointed and appears to be moly coated brass (confirmation??) I need the bullet weight. I have a factory dummy with no powder and a struck primer. Who made it? What weapon system? Experimental?

Google is your friend. ;)


I won’t attempt to type out everything on the label of my 460 Steyr box, but I’ll try to give you the highlights:

Centerfire-Cartridges for Rifles 10 pieces
Hollowpoint boattail Bullet 600 Grains

(Same again in Austrian/German)

Lot Nr.: SMG 01/06 Made in Austria

Address for both the USA and Austria

50BMG, 460 Steyr, 416 Barrett
Note, mine is a unfired (factory) round, that defiantly shows no sign of a molly coating

Tailgunner–The bullet in my round is not anything like those shown. I believe those are U.S. made rounds for civilian use by AAA Ammo Co. Mine is completely cylindrical for the bottom half with 2 raised bands. The top half is a straight taper (no ojive) to a point and is FMJ, not hollow point. The coating is dark gray, almost looking like steel but is non-magnetic.

Here are the projectile variations I have. Is your projectile the one on the left in the first photo?

Here’s another headstamp variation.


Paul–Yes, the 1st cartridge on the left is exactly like mine.

Paul, the last three on the right in the lower picture appear to have a shorter case length than the rest. Am I looking at them correctly ??? Bill

That last picture is not to the same scale. I resized all the pictures the same amount for the forum and as there were 3 rounds in this picture (and 2 rounds in the picture it is being compared too) this picture is proportionally smaller, thus giving the appearance of a shorter case.


I remember being told that a lot of the .460 Steyr in the hands of collectors do not have the correct bullets in, but I can’t give details.

The pic below (from an article on long-range sniping rounds on my website: quarry.nildram.co.uk/Long%20 … niping.htm ) shows mine, which I am told has one of the genuine bullets: there have been many experiments.

Note to self - must retake photo and update article to include the .416 Tyr, which I have since added to my collection.

From left to right: 7.62x51 (for scale), .300 Winchester Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum, .375 CheyTac, .408 CheyTac, .416 Barrett, .460 Steyr, .50 BMG A-MAX

Thanks, Paul. That had me going for a moment. Bill

[quote=“TonyWilliams”]I remember being told that a lot of the .460 Steyr in the hands of collectors do not have the correct bullets in, but I can’t give details.

Well, unless someone “faked” the box label also, I’m satisfied that the HP bullet in mine is correct (at least for that “version”)

As the round was developed as a long range (1000+m) anti-personal sniping cartridge, a number of the machine turned “solids” shown don’t appear (to my eye) to be ideal for the intended task (low BC).

Not sure if anyone is collecting .460 Steyr headstamps, but here is an image from Bertram Brass that I came across recently. The “TA” is for Thunder Ammo in Hominy, Oklahoma:


Bertrambrass.com imported this for Randy @ thunder ammunition. It was very good looking brass especially for the elr game.

We are able to bring in most common brass as well as much of the old euro and other obsolete and hard to find brass.