.460 Weatherby Magnum


First off I would like to thank yall for having me on here. I hope I can be of some assistance.

Second I have a question. I have come across a box of .460 Weatherby Magnums and was wondering if anyone knows how to tell the year manufactured. The box has the elephant in the top left corner with the round going from the left bottom corner to the right top corner. I’ll try to post a pic a little later today. Thanks for any help.



I’m really just posting to nudge this one back to the top. I love the weatherby calibres*
and I hope somebody will pick it up and run with it.

*I feel they all have an influence from the H&H belted Magnums which is my favourite subject.


Well all I have is it was started loading in 1958. Vic


Here are a few pics of box. The only thing I have found out so far is that since the “Warning: Keep out of the reach of children” stamp wasn’t required untill 1962 and that zip codes were issued in 1963 that this box should be from right around that time. This box has the warning but doesn’t have the zip code.


This group was loaded by norma from Sweden. And the 1958- 1962 seems to fit the actual time unless some one else as more information


I have 3 different .460 boxes. Two say “Made in United States of America” on the bottom of the back in the red & “Brass Made in Sweden” on lower left corner in the yellow. Lot numbers are G0422 which has the child warning, (in the yellow field not in the red field as shown here) and 762 which does not have a child warning. These lot numbers are on the right end flap as a black rummer stamp. Also the foot pounds on both is “8245”. Address is just Firestone Blvd

The box of mine similar to what is shown has “09610” rubber-stamped on the inner box & nothing on either flap.

Can’t read the printed code on the left bottom corner on these photographs but mine is “611330” & contains soft nose bulleted rounds. address is now East Firestone Blvd. & no zip codes on any of them

Fronts of all three are the same, with same headstamp on the case.

So guess is 762 earliest, then GO422, both being Made In United States of America, & then the Made in Sweden variation but other than that. I’m sorry I can’t help.

Welcome to the forum. where sometimes questions just can’t be completely answered!

I believe there is a Weatherby Collectors Assoc. Perhaps some one there can help? Hope you keep us in the loop.


You could email Norma and ask that question .
I doubt that anyone there will answer from recent experiance.

A letter sent to Weatherby would be a much better idea that actually might work.
Dean Rumbaugh, Company Historian.

Interesting that these rounds were loaded in the U.S. as marked on the box.
I will look in “Weatherby: The Man. the Gun. the Legend.” to see if I can give you a more precise time period when these rounds were loaded.



From : Weatherby The Man The Gun The Legend page 208-209


I have a few Weatherby .240 mag factory load boxes 100 gr -87 gr -70 gr (empty) that I can sent to any one who wants them.
Merry Christmas !!


So according to Stonewall’s book the two of mine with “Made in United States of America” would be pre-1956 manufacture. Perhaps 1953 to 1956. & the Made in Sweden 1956 or post 1956.

Perhaps pinning down the address change noted in my above post ? Firestone Blvd vs East Firestone Blvd.

As an aside
In 1953 Weatherby terminated his dealings with Richard Speer, and in August of 1955 filed suit over Speer’s impact extruded cases, however Speer didn’t make the .460.