47 x 292 R

  1. who knows a case 47 x 292 R ?
  2. in which language are the words : Patronhylsa, hylsans
    it sounds Finnish or Swedish

Jean-Pierre, according to the measurements it is a Nordenfeld which is related to Sweden and the language is also likely Swedish.
All that without guarantee.

Thanks Alex

It IS definitively Swedish language.



Hi JP,

One book I have lists two Swedish cases that measure 47x300R. These are for the 47mm M/24 (Tubkanon) and the 4.7cm M/95. Both are naval guns. Is your case dated?


hi jim !
year is 1890
it is not a round but a drawing.

Tub kanon - I like it, even if it is a rude way to describe a ship’s gun! :-D

Tubkanon should be a subcaliber insert barrel if my bad Swedish does not fail.

Yes, in Swedish, the denomination "TUBKANON" is not for a gun itself, but a reducing device inserted in a big bore gun for cheaper training.


In English, one of the informal meanings of the word “tub” is a derogatory term for an old, slow ship or boat. So “tub kanon” for a naval gun is very insulting to the ship ;-)

here is the drawing

The best I could make…

this one was a bad quality because it was a scan of a xeros copy.
If you wanna play with a good scan give me your Email address