47 x 376R French case manufacturer ID

I have had this case for a while, but never got round to posting it. I would be grateful if anyone could tell me the manufacturer of the case and the metal supplier. The headstamp is:



I seem to remember a list of French codes in a thread, but I cannot find it now.

There are several French codes using the letters B.M., but for an 47 mm Tir Rapide case from this period (1922), the most probable is

[b]Ateliers Brilli

Thanks for the info. Is this 1922 or 1893? On every other French case I have seen, the last two digits are the year and the ones ofter the manufacturer are the lot number.

There are also markings on the neck of the case which read “C 3 93 B” and, underneath, “SL 8 90”. I was told that “SL 8 90” stood for the pwder maker, as was “Sevran Livry, Lot 8 of 1890”, and that the markings on the neck were not used after 1900. Do you know the meaning of “C 3 93 B”?