474 c?

Yet another cartridge that I find no information of:
Bullet Ø 9,2 mm RN Steel Jacket
Case: 61,8 mm
COL 83,25 mm

Made by DWM Karlsruhe? (What does the 3 o’clock ‘K’ mean?

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I did one search more here in the forum and found a lot! Sorry.

DWM 474c is the case number for the 9.3 x 62 mm Mauser, also called by DWM “Kal. 9.3 mm Jagd.”

The “KK” is the location of the factory making the cases:

B B - Berlin-Borsigwalde
KK - Karsruhe (both of the letters “K” stand for “Karsruhe” Simply a HS design-feature.
LL - Lübeck

John Moss

Thank you, John!

9.3 x 62 is still a very popular hunting cartridge in Germany today. The right type of medicine for Wild Boars, for example.

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