476 Enfield revolver

I have this 476 Enfield with a copper case.
This is the first I see.
Does anyone have information?
Thank you
476%20(1) 476%20(2)

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I suspect the cartridge case is brass, possibly the brass alloy has a slightly higher copper content and the case may be showing signs of toning resulting in it appearing to have more of a copper color.


Good evening
Probably May I’m not sure

.476 Eley:
British military cartridge used from late 1881 to mid 1891,
when the .455 Webley Revolver cartridge, Mk-1 was introduced.
Sometimes called the .455/.476, this round has the same case and bullet
dimensions as the .455 Mk-1 except the latter is .05mm shorter in case length.

I’m sure you will find the 476 Enfield, Mk 1 blackpowder and the Mk 1 cordite Webley all have the same case length?

Info was from: Cartridges of the World, 5th Edition.

The Cordite cases are shorter.


take everything you read in Cartridges of the World, with a pinch of salt as it is chuck-full of mistakes & multiple entries that treat different cartridges as the same cartridge.

Totally agree with Pete

MkI black powder Webley and MkI cordite Webley both used same case length as the .476" Enfield, the short case Webley started with the MkII cordite.

Hi Pete, would a cartridge with headstamp Webley .476 be made by Eley? I have a .455 MK 1 that reads E Webley B .455. Thank you in advance, Francois van Niekerk

E= Eley & B = Brothers

Hi Pete, thank you for that. Now, the ‘Webley .476’ headstamp. Was that also made by Eley?

What “Webley 476” headstamp?

Which book(s) contain the illustrations of British service pistol bullets and cartridge cases ? Thanks.

Sorry Pete, I’m not being very clear. A .476 revolver cartridge with headstamp (Webley .476). Would that have been made by Eley? Thanks, Francois

Francois, I don’t know, seeing it might give a hint. Are the letters the same style as the Eley above, or the E B variation you asked about?
Webley was in business for a long time, perhaps the one your inquiring about was foreign made, or by Kynoch or?

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Thanks chickenthief for this display, could you post pictures of the headstamps, please? As far as I know, even if the real caliber is .455", what you call .455" enfield mkII was in fact called .476" enfield mkII by the british.

Sorry mate, no can do.
I niched those pics on the net.