47mm or 3 pounder?

I have a 47x376mm which has be fired but the headstamp has only BSA & M Co. The case mouth crimps are dots. Can anyone tell me if this was used by the British or exported to somewhere else, and what date would it be…thanks…Paul.47x376mm%20BSA%201

Looks like a MK1 3pr Hotchkiss to me.I have this case. British use I say.

The dot crimp looks like applied later by somebody.

EOD…This is a 47mm case which has dot and dash crimp but if you look to the left of the dot there is a cartouche mark. that mark is on this case but very faint. I am not sure if they were added later. Was this round ever made without crimping?

The dots make not much sense on large calibers and I do not remember having ever seen them.

ron3350 can you check the crimping please…EOD… if its a MKI then it might have been black powder.?

The larger dot crimps are the original ones usually pre 1900. Later loadings/reloads have short or long slit crimps as well as the original ones. Different heights may indicate a different groove or model of projectile?
My case was reloaded but has no extra markings on the headstamp, same as yours.
The 3 lots of crimps are all neat as shown.

Ron3350 Many thanks for the pic and your time…paul

I must correct an error. I supplied a 6Pr Hotchkiss in the photo instead of the 3Pr case.
Sorry about that . My 3Pr case has C.F.F and an arrow head added to the base.
The three large dot crimps look like in the same position as the original dots.
Most of my other 3Pr have slit crimps around the mouth depending on how many reloads.
The photo is still typical of a reloaded case. Ron.