47x137R Driggs



I am looking for information about ammo [shells, fuzes / h/s cases] 47x137R (case length 137,3 mm) for infantry gun 47mm Driggs. The primer in case is a standard type /and method of fixing primer/?

Case and photos from a tests in PL.




Here is some Driggs material that may or may not apply to the 47mm gun and cartridge in question-

The following drawings are from the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, McCracken Research Library digital collection, WRA Co. drawing collection.

Driggs Percussion Fuze, Bureau of Ordnance, 1895. WRA Co. Drawing File.pdf (1.8 MB)

3 Pdr & 6 Pdr Common Shell for Driggs-Schroeder Guns, 1890, Driggs Ord. Co. WRA Co. Drawing File.
3 Pdr = 47mm

From the photo of the casing you provided in your post
Can you provide an approximate rim diameter (red line) and diameter of the primer (green line).?

Can you tell if the primer is a push in type, friction fit, NOT threaded?



Thanks for drawings, i think seen this images lont time ago. Shells looks like a for long case, i think for: http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_3pounder_m1.php

Diameters: 55 / 12 mm

Other data for Driggs ammo:
max Vo 450 m/s
AP 1,93 kg
HE 1,75 kg
grapeshot 1,76 kg
max range 8800 m
rate of fire 9 / min

I think primer is a push.