.499 lwr

I have 2 different headstamps, what is that right one?

Do you mean which is correct, or who made the one on the right side?

Left is correct, yes, but what is that other headstamp? Both are from normal .499 ammos.

Saw both from boxes which came from the mfg. I don’t know the chronology on them, but believe both are from LWR.


There is a third headstamp for this caliber ammunition. I can’t post a picture, because the only one I have (I don’t collect this caliber) is from an article in another publication, and I don’t have their permission to use it. It is, however, “L-W R C .499” with the letters standing for "Leitner-Wise Rifle Company.

I think the different styles of headstamp probably simply denote several case makers, but I can’t identify them. I would guess that the one with the two lines is probably by Starline, but I have no positive information on that. I am trying to research it now, and if I get any results, I will post them on this thread.

Unfortunately, my source had no information on the case makers of the other two headstamps. He did agree with my assessment that the one with lines is made by Starline. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

Silver State Armory (SSA) has reportedly made .499 LWR brass and possibly even loaded cartridges for LWRC.

Are the guns still being made? LWR had a management buy-out last year and now seem to be concentrating on making rifles in commercially-available calibres. There’s no mention on their website of the .499 or that 7.62mm PDW round they were working on.