4x Rubber Ball Magazine Question


Good day gentlemen,

The other day at our local gun show, someone was selling a black plastic rectangular magazine with four rubber balls in the front (slightly seated down into the magazine), and four primers in the rear. The rubber balls were approximately 2” in diameter.

(I couldn’t take a picture, as there were no cameras supposed to be at the show.)

This magazine/cartridge came in a single cardboard box, with the name of the firearm that it belongs to - but with my memory the name slips me.

Is anyone aware of this type of non lethal cartridge/magazine? And if so, how much would one be worth? The gentleman at the show was asking $65 I believe.

Any comments welcome. Thanks you!



Sounds much like a charger for Manurhin MR-35 less-lethal launcher, but those are usually 5-shot affairs.


Thank you Maxim!

This is indeed the charger I seen at the show. Same cardboard box as well!
Your assistance is very much appreciated!