5,2 mm cartridge


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I have the following question:
Does anyone know more about 5,2 mm cartridges?
I have a German or probably Swedish small bore gun. Calibre is indicated as 5,2 mm. It is central fire. Case is rimmed.

I made a chamber cast. Bore measures 5,2 mm land to land. Rim diameter is 9,4 and 1 mm thick. Base diameter 7,5 mm. It is a bottleneck case, but where the neck starts and the body begins is hard to tell. It is almost a tappered case.
Case length is very difficult to tell. There is no visible end to the chamber. Rifling starts 38 mm from bottom of the case. At that point the cast is 6mm thick.
The only cartridges I know of in 5,2 mm are 5,2x34R Kronprinz and 5,2x68 Mondragon. It can’t be the last.
If it is 5,2x34R is it a black powder cartridge, when was it introduced. what are the specifications?

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Base - shoulder lenght and shoulder diameter could also help for a easier ID

As said it is very hard to tell where the shoulder starts etc. but I will give it a try.
Till about 20 mm from base it is straight tapper to 7 mm. Then it is a sort of hollow tapper till 24 mm from base to 6.2mm. At 34 mm from bottom of the case (not base) cast measures: 5,2 mm.
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5,2 x 34 R Kronprinz
5 x 34 R Tesching
5,2 mm Royal Dutch Miniature
5,2 x 34 R Austrian Tesching

Year 1892
Country Austria
Weapon Rifle, carbine
GR 425

Bibliography :
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