5.2 X 68 Mondragon

One of my fellow members in the AR Gun and Cartridge Collectors Club gave me this round headstamped “Polte” and Magdeburg." He told me he received it from a Mexican police chief, who had a rifle and full box of ammo with 2 fired rounds. Considering that this was the “experimental version” of the first functional semi-auto rifle issued in any numbers, as well as a forerunner of all modern small caliber hi velocity ammunition, I feel very fortunate to have this round, and would like to compensate him in some way, as his interests are more modern. (I am a devotee of the run-on sentence, despite Mrs Garber’s tireless efforts) What’s this worth? How many of them are floating around? Thanks, Dan

Dan–The current value is $80 to $100. They are not rare, but they are becoming harder to find. Now, if your friend had the box he would really have a find.

Thanks for the help! Dan

I consider this a most interesting cartridge, as it has an inner piston or inner sleeve in which the projectiles rests. I was lucky enough to pick one up last march 08, at the SLICs show. I have a good picture of a sectioned cartridge, but not sure how to import it into this forum, so if it doesn’t work, e-mail me and I’ll be glad to send you a picture.
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It is on "Cartridges by Collectors Volume one, by Fred Datig, Page 21, The 5.2x68mm Mondragon was an early attempt at high velocities by Manuel Mondragon, a Mexican Army officer in the the early 1890s. It was used in semi-auto and repeating rifles, and had a piston on the inside of the case. It was made by Polte of Magdeburg and also by the Swiss Government .
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July 2007 sectioned cartridge


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The Mondragon 5.2 m/m cartridge was designed for and used only in, it appears, the designer’s M1894 manually-operated straight-pull rifle. This curious arm was made in a quantity of perhaps 100-200 but a number of them survive; it’s discussed and pictured in James B. Hughes’s Mexican Military Arms. JG