5"/25 ammo

This question is for one of the forums knowledgeable Cannon-Cockers (sorry, Gunners Mates). The first ship I was stationed aboard had a single 5

I have a 5" Fixed Dummy round but was told it was used for a submarine deck gun. The gun looks similiar to those in the pics but the barrel is shorter.



The 5"/25 used fixed ammunition. I believe the MK 17, which was what was usually mounted on submarines, used semi-fixed.

Operation of the 5"/25 was very similar to the later 5"/38 and 5"/54 guns. The biggest difference was that there was no powder man. The cartridges in the foreground are upright in the fuze setter. The sailor to the left of the setter is cranking in the appropriate settings with information he’s getting over headphones or by lining up a series of dials that are being fed by Fire Control. On the other side of the gun is a sight setter who is making adjustments to the sights in the same manner.


A great resource for info on naval weapons of all countries, and to a lesser degree on their ammunition is:

They have info on the 5"/25 on that site at:

Thanks for the info on the 5

Ray, during a kamikaze attack were all the guns pictured firing at the same time? If so the 5" gun crews must have had seat belts to keep them from being blown out of the tubs by the muzzle blast from the larger guns above them :-)



The angle of the photo makes it appear that the 14"guns are right above the 5" mounts. Actually, the 5" guns are mounted on the superstructure while the big ones are on the main deck fore and aft.

I have seen film footage of Kamikaze attacks where the main batteries were fired into the water to throw up a wall of water. Whether this actually knocked down any planes I do not know.


Are those four black “pipes” sticking out of the right margin of the picture, about the 5" guns, .50 Browning MG barrels, or some other sort of appartus?
Just wondered. I see the have an increased diameter right at the end of them, like a Ma Deuce barrel, and seem proportionately correct for such.

I think they are 20mm Oerlikons. I


If you think a salvo of the New Mexico

Phil and all you Navy guys - I have always seen Battleships either from far away - meaning looking at the entire ship, or very close up. I have never seen these wider locational views. My God, is there anyplace on one of those things where they didn’t have a half dozen or so weapons. Half the crew must be Gunners Mates. Wow!

John–They are not called [color=red]BATTLESHIPS[/color] for nothing. They are fully armed and dangerous.

Ron - I know, but for space equivalent, that is like having the main gun, a couple of 25mm chain guns, and a half dozen 50s on an M1 Tank!