5.2x34.2mm rimmed softpoint cartridge-Need ID

I was going through some of my old stuff and found a couple of these rounds. Overall length is 45.6mm. A copper primer and no headstamp.

My memory is that I got them in a very small green 10 round box and they were European for a rifle??

Would like to know what this is. Any help appreciated.


Lew. Looks a lot like a 5.2 X 34 Kronprinz. Bill

That is my guess too. If from Holland, it could be a 5.2 Royal Dutch Miniature, with the same case size. Made for a 63% Mannlicher (6.5x54R) rifle found there.

Lew, here are the boxes for this caliber…
some of them where greenish, but lost Color due to sunshine…they faded out.
Pics form the softnose ammo and the hollowpoint ammo plus box

Thanks! It is the 5.2mm Kronprinz. The box was like those pictured. I don’t remember what happened to it.