5.44mm Hartmann

I came across with this interesting box (or what remains of the box) of a sub calibre 5.44mm short.


Someone can help and let me know in what gun it was used? It was used with an adaptor? It is common this box?

I have also one cartridge unit in the colection for this same caliber but Long. Just few units and not the box.

Thanks in advance


SCHUCHARDT & SCHUTTE, some information is located here: cartridgecollectors.org/?page=22 … tification )

Quote from the above PDF- “This company produced .22s for use in auxiliary cartridges. An auxiliary cartridge in 8 m/m Mauser is known. They reported offices in Berlin, London, and New York. They produced these boxes in Germany prior to World War II.”


The Use of the term “JNFANTERIE GEWEHR” ( with the “J”) would indicate use in the M1888 Rifle and Carbine (Kar 88) with an adaptor ( probably steel) made like the M88 RN Cartridge.
5,44mm would be a .214 Bore with rifling at about .220 Grooves): designed not to be able to use the common .22RF ( 5,6 Flobert). ( ICBW, the “5,44” could be a commercial CALIBRE, then the BORE would be around 5,2mm ( used in Mondaragon experimentals) or .205". which ever it is, it is a “One off” size.

A Bullet this small would be able to have an adaptor “barrel” extending up the cylindrical “8mm” Bullet as well, probably with a modicum of Rifling. Generally made for “Indoor Barracks Practice” during the colder winter months, which in Northern and Eastern Germany was very cold indeed.

Interesting. Now to find a matching steel adaptor.

Doc AV


This short version was mentioned in a previous thread.



Taking a closer look at the picture, the third cartridge on the top right looks more like a 22 Short (different bullet and a thinner rim).
Is it headstamped too?