5.45 x 39 7N10M


I have been checking through some items in my collection and I am slightly confused.
I have three rounds with headstamps 7 94, 7 00 and 17 94 all with a purple/violet casemouth seal designating 7N10/7N10M.
What is confusing is that I have two rounds with headstamps 17 00 and 539 05 but with the casemouth seal being the standard red colour.
Have the Russians stopped identifying 7N10/7N10M with the violet/purple seal and gone back to red or are they still producing 7N6.




Are the two latter factory dummies?


Hi Alex
They have both been inerted with a small hole in the case, one has a snapped primer , the other one has an intact primer.
They are the same as most stuff that comes out of Russia nowadys.
They are not fluted.




Yes, I meant inert display dummies rather than drill dummies.

The intact primer will exclude a factory dummy in any case.