5.45x18 copper washed case

on the post " [New book! Russian ammo. Vol I: Pistol and revolver cartridges i think i see a 5.45x18 round with copper washed case ?

do this round exist ?

Are you sure you don’t see a brass case?
My 5,45x18 (double dot headstamp) has a brass case, not a copper washed/plated steel one.


on the picture posted on the topic ,i think i see copper case (same color of bullet and case)

the other rounds with brass case had “two colors” ,the bullet and the case


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thank for your response

would be very hard to find this round

I wish I could read the text on that picture of what appears to be a NUPE case, 5.45 x 18, of copper-washed steel. I have 16 variations of the 5.45 Russian pistol cartridge, and all have brass cases. I also have two cartridges for the “Less-Than-Lethal” version of the PSM pistol, which have the same lower case dimensions of the standard cartridge, but are not necked, and are manufactured in blanks, tear gas, and perhaps other forums.

A puzzle to me is that I have a CWS NUPE case that is also necked, and not quite as long as the PSM blank cartridges, but longer than 18 mm. Unlike the PSM blanks, again for a special version of the pistol that will not shoot the regular ball ammunition of 5.45 x 18 mm, which have no headstamp, this case is headstamped " TPZ 7.62 MM " (the TPZ is in Cyrillic letters, which I am unable to reproduce here). Even though not necked, it certainly would not take a 7.62 mm projectile. I assumed that despite its slightly shorter case that it was intended for some sort of load for the PSM blank/tear gas version of the pistol.

Does anyone have more information on this case?

John Moss