5,45x39 dummy cartridges

I was having a rummage through my dummy cartridges and some questions about the 5,45x39 ones occurred to me. I have three in my modest collection;

From left to right the headstamps are; ‘05 88’, ‘270 79’ and ‘10 84’.

Did Poland and East Germany also make dummy cartridges in this calibre? Are there other Russian and Bulgarian ones that I should be looking out for?

Any information gratefully received.


The “05 88” is East German already.

Yes, Poland also made some, they had a plastic filled case and the filler was also forming the projectile portion like on many other Polish dummies.

Your Bulgarian “10 84” must be a good one.

There is also an “05 87” dated DDR dummy, same as the one you show with flutes and a very black case finish - just a different date. DDR is the only country I collect in these AK rounds, so only limited help from me on this ne, admittedly. I have 270 79 like yours with a plain tip, and also one with a gold tip. I don’t know why the Gold tip. It looks legit, but I haven’t a clue what it is supposed to mean. I just have a few Russian dummy rounds sitting on top of a cabinet for decoration.

I have a Romanian dummy with four large holes in it’s case (324 89) and a struck brass primer.
Also pictured is the Polish dummy with it’s white plastic bullet and white plastic dummy primer (21 89)

this is my list of dummies I heard of or have. The ones I have are in bold:

3 89 LS-case bullet and primer of orange plastic

{ } { } all black plastic (I won’t swear this is not a toy!)
05 87 LS-case, blackened and fluted
05 88 LS-case, blackened and fluted

10 84 LS-case, fluted
10 85 LS-case, fluted

21 87 LS-case
[b]21 88 LS-case, fluted with struck primer and bullet
21 89 LS-case, fluted with bullet and primer of white translucent plastic like yours

270 78 LS-case, fluted
270 79 LS-case, fluted
270 87 LS-case, fluted[/b]
270 89 LS-case, fluted
270 89 Nickel plated steel case, (sales man dummy?)

324 89 LS-case,
like Jim’s

The 10 round “mini-pack” of these East German dummy cartrdges are known to have both “05 87” and “05 88” headstamps in the same pack.


Here are two more:

Hans, the date range on your “270” is USSR, not really Ukrainian.
(I know you are aware - just not to confuse others)

John, what I have been told is that these were used in the GDR when the laquereing machinery for the “barrle proof” cartridges was set up (yellow color code). They used no life ammo during this process.

EOD - thank you. I thought it was legitimate, but I didn’t know why. Sounds like it might actually be a rather good round.

[quote=“EOD”]The “05 88” is East German already.

Your Bulgarian “10 84” must be a good one.[/quote]

My mistake, I had them listed on the envelope as being ‘5,45x39 Russian’ and was too lazy to read further down it.

Many thanks to everyone for their contributions, the facts just weren’t available elsewhere and I’m relatively new to the world of drill rounds. Now I know that there are still a few to look for.

Happy collecting, Peter

Here an other 5,45 x 39
Unfortunately I don

Could you please post a pic of the head - is there a hole drilled for the firing pin?

[quote=“Dutch”]Here an other 5,45 x 39
Unfortunately I don’t know what it is. It is made of aluminum.


[quote=“EOD”]Hans, the date range on your “270” is USSR, not really Ukrainian.
(I know you are aware - just not to confuse others)[/quote]
I know that you know I know and I know that you know that if you put it into this light the first item in my list (“3”) is USSR too …
:o :o :o

@Jon C.,
those two very nice items look like inert samples - not for drill purposes - to me.

when interested I can expand my list, there are many more such out there, just let me know!

No hole drilled.