5.45x39 plastic stripper clips



couple of pics from IDELF-2010 expo
clips were shown next to machine for loading them. Sorry but forgot to photo the machine itself.


Max, is that clip a new development, or is it currently available in the US? I’d rather like to get one.



this is the first time I’ve seen such clips here in Russia, so i doubt these are available in USA, at least for now.



Interesting news indeed.

Was there any sign of the adaptor used to fit on the back of 5,45x39 magazines into which the stripper clip slides? The metal 5,45 clip has a unique latching arrangement as well as having the cartridges fitting very loosely into the clip which, with there being no spring pressure, makes re-loading an easy business despite there being 15 cartridges per clip.

Do you know if the clip is made by a commercial firm in Russia, by one of the ammunition or arms factories or is it still experimental? Also, do you know the function of the ‘ridge’ along the back?

Happy collecting, Peter


i doubt that clips are available ‘commercially’ here as 5.45x39 ammo is banned for civilian use in Russia. Also, unfortunately, i cannot remember the name of the company, which, IIRC, advertised the clip-loading machine rather than clips themselves

I was told that these clips are compatible with mag loading adapter, but there are no springs or lock, the clips is just a single piece of plastic
cartridges are indeed fit quite loose in the clip, and held inside by small claw-type projections at both ends of the slot