5.45x39 stripper clip


Not actually having AK-74, I do not understand a 15 round stripper clip. Did they carry clips and double changed each magazine? Is not it easier to carry extra 30 round mags? That’s what I do at the range.



Many magazine fed military weapons can be reloaded via a stripper clip or magazine charger. There are many advantages to having both systems (loaded magazines & strippers) available in combat. In general, stripper clips allow a soldier to carry more ammo at less weight than carrying extra magazines.



Exactly. Some of the East German and Soviet magazine pouches I have seen have an extra pocket inside to hold several (maybe 4?) loaded chargers like this, plus the “spoon” or adaptor that fits over the magazine. This design is interesting in that the spring on the end holds the cartridges securely in place unlike the SKS ten-round charger. Only when the charger is placed into the adaptor is the spring cammed out, releasing the cartridges to be pushed into the magazine. The only drawback is that the charger can only go in one way. I have used these AK-74 chargers and have found them to be very, very functional. With practice, one can reload a 30 rd magazine literally in several seconds. I have Bulgarian ones (unmarked IIRC) and assume the Soviets also made them. Anyone else make them?



What was the Soviet system of reloading AK-47? And while on the subject, how did MP-44 reloading work? I have 5 round chargers of 7.92x33. Did they sit the whole day and add 5 rounds at a time?


AK-47 system works much like the AK-74 system in that an adapter allows you to load ten rounds at a time using “SKS” chargers. It is not as positive as the AK-74 system but works well, many other rifles use similar systems like the FN-FAL, HK G3 and M-16 to name a few. I agree with AKMS, the positive lock provided by the spring in the AK-74 chargers make it a very positive system, and very fast.

And yes, the Germans did use five round chargers for the StG-44, and it does not take all day. Six chargers will give you a full magazine, and a magazine can be loaded in a few seconds.

Interesting note while on the topic of magazines, chargers and adapters. The U.S. M-14 rifle can be reloaded with a new magazine or from chargers. The M-14 magazine can be loaded with lose rounds or, with the use of an adapter, chargers. it covered all the bases.


A view different adaptor’s for loading magazine’s from my collection.



AK 47 and ???to the left made in the U.S.A.


And the Swiss and U.S.A. way to load up a magazine for 5,56x45