I have these 3 from Ulianovsk plant. they all have the same headstamp




Except for the aluminium, are the other 2 some form of AP?
Any help appreciated


Listed by municion.org (municion.org/; Fuego Central / CF, 5.45x39/AK-74) as Czech experimental loadings using Ulyanovsk cartridge casings. No further information is provided.

People in Europe say (and most who are into the subject do agree) that these are fakes.

For some reason that doesn’t surprise me considering the types of “projectiles” in these cartridge cases:-)

Daan, I agree with the opinion that these are fakes. I don’t know how old are these, but I first saw the brass and steel variations when a friend brought them from Chicagoland in mid to late 1990’s. These were offered to him as “barrel proofs”.

Thanks Fede and EOD. I had a suspicion it might be the case, because I have a similar looking one with code 60 except the bullet is steel instead of brass. I have listed it so on the website as well.