5.45x39mm Bulgarian Cartridge Headstamp With Added Dot

I recently picked up a carton of Bulgarian 5.45x39mm ball ammunition. Most everything seems typical for this type of loading. The bullet appears to be a normal FMJ, GMCS (magnetic) with red neck seal. Cartridge case is steel and the primer is brass with typical red primer seal. What is different is the headstamp which has an obvious dot at the 3:00 position: 10 ⦁ 91

Pictures on Municion.org of Bulgarian 5.45x39mm headstamps show rounds without and with the dot ( 10 91 vs. 10 ⦁ 91 ), but with no explanation for the added dot in the one headstamp. In discussing this headstamp with others it seem there is an East German 7.62x39mm headstamped round with the same type of headstamp, a dot at the 3:00 position. I have also seen pictured on the internet the headstamp of a Chinese 7.62x39mm cartridge (headstamp: 61 ⦁ 67 ) with a dot at the 3:00 position.

No one I’ve discussed the Bulgarian headstamp with knows the reason for the dot in the headstamp. So can anyone explain why some headstamps include the dot and some do not?

Can someone provide a picture of the East German 7.92x39mm cartridge with the added dot in the headstamp?



Bulgarian 5.45x39mm rounds in carton-

Headstamp with impressed dot at the 3:00 position-

I have this cartridge quite normal in the package the cartridges did not have all this dot


Thanks for posting the image of the Chinese 7.62x39mm headstamp with the dot.

So if I understand you correctly the package this cartridge came from contained cartridges both with and without the dot in the headstamp?



Yes that’s it

This cartridge is made in Kazanlak city, in Bulgaria. The name of the factory is - 10. Also made in 1991 year.


sorry the 3 year old discussion was about the dots in the headstamps…not about the maker…
everybody knews that 10 is Kazanlak…but up to yet no explanation for the dots

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Perhaps similar to SCAMP/machine markings?