5.56/ .223 Cutaways

More of my recent sections

RA/64 Blackened Dummy, dead primer but no primer hole
RA/66 High Pressure Test, with red base
FC/12 FBI T3, letter T on base of projectile
WCC/07 Hooker Tactical Glass Penetrator
DAG 12L 1207 Tracer
Winchester White Tip (Powell River Tech powdered tungsten/ tin?)
Hornady AA67 MK294 MOD O USMC Special Match Moly 77gr SMK


Nice sectioning!

Question, the blackened dummy on the left is the headstamp really " RA 54 " or is it perhaps " RA 64 "?


RA/64, sorry about that Brian. Luckily left that part of the date on the sectioned case. Edited the original post too. Thanks