5.56 & 7.62x51 Boxes from Uruguay

Below are the boxes for both 5.56mm and 7.62mm procured by the Army of Uruguay from CBC. The headstamp was a military style with CBC but also had “UY” on the headstamp to identify it as a contract for Uruguay. I had a fired case for each box, but they are still in Argentina and that is another story.

Something else for the military rifle cartridge collectors to look for.

Not made in 9x19mm…YET!!!


Nice boxes. How is the headstamp laid out ie where is the UY inserted?


Dave, I wish I could tell you, but I thought I was going to bring the cases out with me so did not write down the headstamp! Hopefully, I will eventually get control of this ammunition and get it to the US, but I think that will be a while. Perhaps one of the other Forum members knows the answer to your question. My recollection is that the UY was slipped in behind the caliber, date and lot but I really didn’t make a mental note.



Lew, the ones you are showing are the PPU boxes. The headstamps used are PPU 5.56 L01-11UY and PPU 7.62 L01-11UY.

Here is a related thread about the ones made by CBC:


Thanks Fede! Old men shouldn’t rely on memory!

From the primer on the CBC load, it looks like an Argentine reload. Must be nice to find great headstamps in your reloaded ammo!