5.56 aac 83


The question was posed to me about the origin of 5.56 ball ammo in unmarked 20 round boxes headstamped AAC 83 (AAC @12 noon) 83 @ 6 o’clock) (red primer annulus)

(there is a single old Forum post (12/08) discussing a Shotgun News article about .308 & 5.56 AAC 83 ammo in El Salvador…implying a clandestine H/S marking)

What do “we” know…is it “clandestine” ?

is it “US” ?


Wasn’t that the stuff that was made in Yugoslavia but sold to the US govt. as US-made? If so, I believe it was rejected and there were some criminal and/or civil court cases over it.


This is from Ron Fuchs’ “The Reference Book On .223 REMINGTON (5.56 X 45MM) CARTRIDGES THEIR VARIATIONS, AND OTHER RELATED CARTRIDGES AND ITEMS” and posted with his permission.

AAC for American Armaments Corp, by Igman Zavod Yugoslavia

AAC 83 Ball fmj cl b/rd 1881
Made inexpensively in Yugoslavia for export to American Armaments Corp., a subsidiary of Nordac Mfg Corp, Fredericksburg, VA, Nordac sold $4.7 million worth of these cartridges to El Salvador in 1984 as if they were more expensive U.S. manufactured rounds for use in their U.S. made M-16 rifles. The Salvadorian rifles jammed when these rounds were first used. The Foreign Military Sales Credit Program required buying U.S. manufactured goods. It turned out that these rounds were of good quality but that they violated the FMS contract requirement. John Straighton was indicted in May 1986. He had the rounds headstamped AAC for American Ammunition Company, in hopes of having the appearance of rounds made in the USA.


Does anyone have a pic of this headstamp to post?