5,56 FNB 05 & 04 Down Under etc

This evening, whilst sorting recycled 5,56 cases, I came across two (for now) FNB ( Fabrique Nationale-Belgium?/Bourges?..The Cartoucherie is at Bourges, in Belgium) cases, Boxer Primer Pocket ( flashholes larger than normal, and slightly off-center ( machine variation?), with the following details:

  1. FNB + 556 04 Primer crimp little square stabs ( three of)
  2. FNB + 556 05 Primer crimp segmented circumferential impressions,
    Three of, crimp line== space between crimps.
    (+ == Nato circle-cross mark).

Cases fired about 2007-08 ( brass acquired 08)

Both from Aussie ADF fired brass…obviously Thales-ADI is sourcing ammo from FN ( amongst others) when local production can’t meet Army demand.

Rundown on Aussie 5,56 cases/HS ( Local and Imported)
GA 223 ( Singapore made M193, 1970s-- Berdan primed)
GH 556 ( Singapore made M193, 1970s…Boxer, small flashole)
Various WCC and LC M193.
FN + 1980s 556 ( SS109 projectile) and Blanks (Berdan primed)
TZ and TZZ Various years 1980s and 1990s
HP .223 556 (No Date); RTA Blanks ( 04) PS (Various years) RG13 BK Blanks (96,98)

Aussie made 5,56.
MF 85 … SCAMP Trials, Footscray ( Gulf+ Western Machinery line)
AFF 88 ( Change of Factory Logo, during “Corporatization”)
AFF 89 AFF 90, AFF 91,(AFF sold to Consortium incl. Thales) ADI 92 ADI 93.
( Footscray closes, 1994, machinery, cartridge collection, historical papers going back to 1888 are wantonly destroyed.( UN “rules”).SCAMP equipment sent back to USA as “unsuitable”. New Benalla Factory set up 1994-5,( new European equipment…Manurhin and LaChaussee); Thales buys out other Consortium partners, Australia’s only Ammo Factory now wholly-French-owned. Gets 17-year Supply contract (Note
"Supply", not “Manufacture”) to the ADF.

ADI F1 95 ( very “primitive” Bunter type style…Cartridge 5,56 Ball, with SS109 type penetrator Bullet ( 62 grain FMJBT).
Bunter type-font improves in 96, falls off again in 97, finally good in 98.
(Still requires a head Loupe to distinguish 96 from 98, and 01 from 02, etc.)

ADI F1 96, ADI F1 97, ADI F1 98 ( NO Ball made 99, Only F3 Blank).
ADI F1 00, 01, 02, ( NO Ball,only 03 Blank F3) 04, 05.

Again, no sign of 06 and later, as in 2008, Gov’t again bowed to UN, and decreed all spent brass be shredded by a single (monopoly) entity, as well as destroying all “old ammo” ( No more surplus sales, either locally or Overseas).

Good news, ADI will be loading 7,62Nato again ( None since 1993) as they have tendered out local supply of LR and SR Boxer primers ( trials already done, according to the CBC Importer). Since 1993, any 7,62 Nato requirements were met by Imports from FN, RG, LC, and TZ. (Ball, AP, Trace and Blank)…mostly for MAG58.
That’s another point, since the St Mary’s (Sydney) Filling plant (Artillery and Primers) was demolished in 1999, to make way for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Stadium and Village, Australia has NOT made any primers at all…Now all imported (CCI-USA and RWS (.50 cal) Talk about selling our National Defence capability…

Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

Thanks for the rundown, saved it as a textfile for future reference.
FN contracts for the danish forces are 9mm ('05, '06 and '10*) and .50 BMG, ('06 and '07 in my coll.) both stamped FNB.

*probably more

Hi Søren
You can add '04 to your 9mm M/41-files.

Thanks Mathias, found two very nice intact boxes yesterday (Lot 101, 2010) where the plastic inlay was still there and it looks (is) exactly the same inlay as in Magtech boxes.

White boxes with a black printed label (no sticker)?
I have on of Lot 116 from 2010.
I know nothing about the inlays of Magtech boxes, but do you recognized the brazilian designer trademark on one inside folding flap?

If I remember right, Morten S. researches on the brazilian FNB-connection.

Yes, printed text directly on box. (Boxmaker is Grafica Rex) I have these lot numbers: 101, 112 and 115 from 2010 and just this evening got lot 141 from 2004(!). This has another design to the text and the box where made by the other boxmaker/printer (Apice)
Morten S has been kept informed of my findings :-)

Good to see that informations are running to the right points ;-)

Lot 141 from 2004 is funny. Check this please:

BTW: Doc, sorry for making this Down Under thread a little more danish.

Hmmm…, Apart from the fact that SMG M/49 was surplused to Lithuania in 2002, two years before the label was made, I don’t see anything out of the ordinary. The NCB code (22) for Denmark is there, on later lots its 13 (Belgium), also seen on lot 231 FNB 05. This last box is smaller, probably had a cardboard divider. this smaller box has an ink stamp on inside the end flap: 1202. I don’t know the meaning of this though.
Sorry Doc, your thread has been completely hijacked…

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