5.56 French Frangible?

What was this 5.56 x 45 Rifle or Machine Gun round used for, headstamp is SF 86 5.56 Aluminum case and primer with Red seal, the Greyish bullet seems to be of the Frangible type and is secured with segmented neck crimps , was it a Short Range, indoor practice, or a type of Blank ? or did it have another use ? thanks Randy


Thank you very much JP Randy


This bullet is one of the many variations of short range 5,56x45 tested by the S.F.M. in the 70ies. It was not accepted as regulation model by the Army, but sometimes proposed for export in several Satory Exhibitions. The bullet material was known as RB, meaning RILSAN BRONZE.

[/b]RILSAN [/b](trade mark)is a plastic material produced froim cellulose and vegetal components patented by an important French firm for chemicals and plastics (Rhone-Poulenc), and used by the SFM, with addition of powdered bronze. This metallic powder was considered to have a double interest:

1-to give thelight bullet a weight allowing a better trajectory,

2-to allow the use of X-Rays to visualise the debris in the case of a human
accidental wound.

The RB was used in several calibres and shapes, 5,56x45, 7,62x51, 7,5x 54, 9x19, 38"S&W SPL, under diverse denominations like RB1, RB2, RB3, a.s.o…

The licence was also sold to several countries (Israel, RSA) and fully copied by other ones…under similar or slightly diverse compositions and shapes (IVI, Fiocchi, etc).



Hello Phil, great reply, thanks very much Randy