5.56 h/s id?

I just got a sales catalog from AIM with some new .223/5.56 advertised. the headstamp has “M193” at 12:00 and “08” at 6:00. Looks to be brass-cased with a nickle primer and no visible cannelures. The ad says “NEW CENTURION BRAND 2008 PRODUCTION .223 AMMUNITION MANUFACTURED IN THE USA BY A DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE CONTRACTOR.” Anyone know the origin of this stuff?

To add, I found a reference to “Centurion” rimfire ammo made by Aguila. Same company???

in the dim recesses I remember hearing of another co. using the Centurion name & think Aquila was not the first. The 5mm Rem mag is now made under the name. & I think there was a thread about that here, not too long ago? Perhaps that might help?

As far as I know, the 5mm Remington new loading is offered by the same “Centurion” company as sells Aguila. I think Industiras Technos makes it. I don’t know anything about the 5.56 in question.