5.56 Keyring headstamp

Hi, I seen this hs on a keyring last night. Does anyone recognize it?


Thanks, Dan

Roman year date “83,”, with month
Cal. 5.56
Factory ?? I.M.G?
Industrias Militares Guatemaliana???
Can’t make out “I” or “F”???
Doc AV

Thank You Doc,
I think it was an I, but it was nicked up.
If it is an F, then it would be from Chili, correct? (Fábricas y Maestranzas del Ejército de Chile.) Do we know if both factory’s used the Roman date?

I agree with Doc Av. It is “IMG” and from Industrias Militares de Guatemala. The form for the name he used may well be correct, but I have always seen it as I typed it. My Spanish is not so good. I don’t collect 5.56, but seems to me when this was being imported into the USA, that I saw the Roman dates on some of the headstamps. I have never seen them on a Chilean or Peruvian cartridge.

Chile uses “FAMAE” and Perú “FAME” usually, although not exclusively. Guess it depends on when the cartridges were made.

John Moss

Great, Thanks!