5.56 L Question

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i have a 223 round headstamped FC 5.56 L. The round has a copper primer. The case is Brass. The bullet looks like some sort of brown plastic. It reminds me of maybe a frangable or short range round. Any ideas’s? i Wonder what the L means in the headstamp. Thanks in Advance, joe

Could this be a Federal Short Range M862 I know of them with Blue, White and Black plastic bullets but not sure of brown.



Another SWAG but I think that is some sort of fireworks display type cartridge. For oohs and aahs I think? Look in Ron and Ron Fuchs. I think they show it. No idea what the “L” means.


My guess is that’s it’s a frangible bullet and “L” is for Lead Free priming.

Could the L be that the brass was made at the Lake City Plant, also being a member of ATK? Not saying it is, just a possible suggestion as I have never seen or heard of this one either. I know most letters represent the function of the round. Maybe someone out there has proof of what it means.,…where is Fede?..lol

From Ron Fuch’s 5.56 listing, 2012: Headstamp “ FC 5.56 L “, manufactured by Federal approx… 1993, experimental Limited Range loading, one lot produced, per information obtained from Dave Frederickson of the Federal Museum. Ron lists the projectile as round nose plastic.


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That settles it.  Wish i had Ron's book.  But that Federal Musium info,  KNOCKED THE COVER OFF THE BALL!   Take Care,   joe

That makes sense as there are also other letters such as S: “S” indicates a “Short Range M862” loading, used for M16 type weapons and was part of a program at Picatinny. And a “b” for a blank loading, “NT” non toxic and “HE” for High Energy… Has anyone seen any other letters on Federal cartridges?


To correct my post - I went back to Ron and Ron’s book and the “fireworks display type cartridge” that I mentioned was something else completely. So, ignore my SWAG (assuming you paid attention to it in the first place).

Brians answer is the correct one.