5.56 m995 and 7.62 m993

i would know if these two swedish rounds can be serie m993 and m995

5.56x45 (headstamp cg 93) black tip
7.62x51 (headstamp cg 98) black tip

i don’t had pictures because i won’t buy if these are not

thank in advance for your responses


From the digital book .223 Remington (5.56 x 45mm) Cartridges by Fuchs; the Sweden chapter, Carl Gustaf AB cartridges section, is pictured a 5.56 x 45mm AP M995 with black bullet tip. Headstamp is “ CG 96 “. Several more AP M995 cartridges with different dates by CG are listed.

thank for your response

maybe “my” round is less early to be a m995
maybe a “standard” AP witch is less interessing

for the 7.62 the date could correspond for a m993 AP

Think they started testing the M995 in 1992 for the Soldier Enhancement Program. Mine are all 1996, 2003