5.56 Minimi MG

Can anyone shed any light on why it would seem the British military has stopped using the FN 5.56mm Minimi MG?


They seem to still have them.

I saw one on the table display at the last Armed Forces day, here in Devon!

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Thanks Simon,
there has been no sign of them in use on this countries largest training area and ranges for around six months now, no doubt they are still a ‘in store item’ but the use of them seems to have been stopped.


Perhaps the MOD are saving ammunition for ‘emergency Brexit’ negotiations…

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Can I donate ammo then please?

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spoke to someone ‘in the know’ the other evening and yes the minimi has been ‘junked’ with the British Army and, don’t quote me, the U.S. Army too.
Reasons given to me were, for the British Army, was that the Minimi was only taken into service as a temporary ‘store’ for Iraq and Afghanistan in the first place.
The other reason, which I myself have problems ‘getting my head around’, was the lack of range and ‘hitting’ power compared with the SA80???
The Minimi has now been replaced, at squad level (or whatever they call it) with extra 7.62mm G.P.M.G.s and a ‘sharpshooting’ rifle.
So I wonder how long it’ll be before the old mixed ammunition supply and weight problems rears it head…again!


That would be typical, since we are getting more and more of these in Norway. We always introduce obsolete calibers/weapons in our military.

Cheer up, psg1, the MG3 was in no way obsolete when introduced. It isn’t even today, in my opinion.
But I cannot resist rubbing some salt into your wounds by mentioning that buying them from Turkey was probably an excercise in “the cheapest bidder does not always offer the best deal”.

Jochem, we did worse! We bought them from Pakistan!!! And were very sorry!

Hehe, our military is a study in waste of money and stupid decisions. I’m in the homeguard, and I hope we will keep our MG-3’s for a long time, there is nothing better. And yes, the Turkish MG’s were crap, but they never admitted it. They did, however, bought new barrels for those from Germany. Not without coming with an excuse that is was not because of better quality, but delivery time. Well, when your countrymen’s life depend on it, choose the cheapest and least reliable option, I think is the slogan they use.

Old Army Rule…your Personal weapon was made by the lowest bidder…
Like a lot of other Army " trueisms".
There is a list somewhere.
Doc AV