5.56 mm GP 90 drawing needed

A friend of mine would need a drawing of the swiss 5.56 mm GP 90 cartridge. Ballistic data would be helpful too

Thanks in advance for any help

If you use a G7 form factor of 1.0735 you can replicate the ballistics of 5.6 mm GP90 very well. Bullet weight is 4.1 g and muzzle velocity is given as 905 m/s in the Swiss field manual.
The Swiss firing table uses their standard atmosphere, which has a density of only about 94 percent of ICAO standard. Listing velocities here would therefore not be of much use.
There is a cutaway drawing of the bullet in most books by Beat Kneubühl, but it has no dimensions (ogive radius etc.).

Note the Swiss call it 5.6 mm, not 5.56 (actually they write it as 5,6).

i7 FF for the GP 90 is given as 1.091 here.