5.56 mm M855A1 (Alternative)

Could anyone precise the differences between the 5.56 mm M855A1 and M855A1 (Alt) bullets? Thanks, Fede.


Does your question refer to this: Original M855A1 LFS (with bismuth base bullet) and the latter M855A1 EPR (with copper base bullet)?



Brian, thanks for your help. Like you suggest, it could be a standardized designation of the original bullet design, but I really don’t know anything about the characteristics of the one designated M855A1 (Alt), so I can’t tell. Regards, Fede.

Maybe this helps?

Kevin, great job, as usual. Thanks for sharing.

The M855A1 (Alt), as its name imply, should have a bullet using an alternative material and/or construction, but I don’t know if it would be that of the prototype or something different. It also has a different drawing numbered 13020547, whereas the M855A1 is numbered 13020534, and both options are mentioned in the cartridge drawing.