5.56 mv?

I picked up some new (to me) 5.56 rounds and I’m curious if anyone knows the actual, tested MV of each:

  1. PPU 75 gr HPBT
  2. IMI 69 gr Sierra HPBT
  3. PPU 62 gr FMJBT

Per 2018 online catalogs:
IMI 69gr. OTM-BT 850 mps/2788fps
PPU 62gr. FMBT 930mps
PPU 75gr. HPBT 830mps

That was going to be my next step. Thanks!

Note that the catalogue figures are from test barrels around 600 mm (24") long. An ordinary AR15-clone barrel has only 508 mm (20"). The fashionable, cool looking lengths are still shorter and loose still more muzzle velocity.

Alas, there is no reliable way to predict velocity loss short of buying a chronograph.

The IMI 69gr. loading info shows a 20" 1-7 twist barrel being used