5.56 nato/.223 rem collection

I recently acquired a collection of both 5.56 nato and .223 rem cartridges – boxes, actually, and mostly full ones. I am not knowledgeable in this area and would appreciate help in both identifying the types I now have and perhaps trading to get more types. So, if you are into this caliber, please e-mail me and I will get some info out to you. I have only one box of each loading, so there are no “extra” boxes to be had, sorry. Thanks for any help or advice you may be able to offer,

Although both are a bit scarce now, you should look for these books if you plan to get into 5.56/.223 in any detail.

Hughes, David. 1991. The History and Development of the M16 Rifle and its Cartridge. Far West Publications. 294p. ISBN: 0-9626096-0-9.

Hughes, David. 1991. .223 Remington Cartridges, A Listing of Known .223 Cartridges. Cypress, California. 164p. ISBN: 0-9626096-1-7

As a PA resident, you should try to get to the Williamsport and Lancaster (PACC) shows this summer.

Hughs’ work has been updated as a 5-CD set -
A Listing of Known .223 Cartridges by David Hughes and Updated by Ron Fuchs and Ron J. Fuchs.

Just the .223 listing, or the M16 book also?

The updated .223/5.56 listing by Ron Fuchs, is now on a single DVD. I think the total item count is now close to 5000 rds.

This is on the cartridge only and has no info for the M16 book by Dave Hughes.