5.56 NATO Collector's Heads up - new product


I was in my friend’s gun shop today and he had a “new loading” in 5.56 NATO from PMC, called X-Tac (Manufacturer’s Index 5.56K) The box is labeled as 5.56 NATO, not .223. It appears to me that this “new loading” is nothing more than SS-109 ball. The labe indicates in has a 62 Grs Green tip-LAP(which I assume stands for “Light-armor piercing.”

It is from the Dongrae factory, as indicated by the headstamp: P S D 1 0

The primer, which has a circular primer crimp it seems, is brass-cupped with a purple primer seal.
The bullet tip is green

The back of the commercial-style (colorful) box carries the admonition:

“WARNING: PMC 5.56 NATO ammunition is only to be used in rifles labeled 5.56mm, and must NOT be used in those rifles labeled .223.”

Just thought I would throw out a heads up for anyone who would be interested in this round for the box or the date. I think it is one of the first times I have seen a headstamp on foreign ammo appear here in the USA with a current-year headstamp date.


Well, since you brought up the topic of 5.56 ammo, I’ll throw this out for the 5.56 collectors.

It appears that the new Marine MK218 MOD 0 load has made it to the commercial market.



A pic pf the PMC X-TAC:

Funny how they add the warning about 5.56 vs .223 on the box since they must know that half the shooters will be blasting it in .223 guns. Most typical shooters wouldn’t do more than a few hundred rds though before stashing the rest, and that wont do enough to damage the gun.


Is 5.56 / .223 the same as the 7.62 / .308 argument or is there more to it than that?


Same argument.


So I suppose that means the warning on the box is just an anti liability measure by the manufacturer?