5.56 Nato ID


I don’t know what type of cartridge is pictured below:

Does anyone know what this cartridge was designed to do? It looks like it could either be a practice round or a blank.

Any information will be appreciated.



“S” for short range. I think this load has an “M” number and requires a special lightweight bolt carrier to function. Does the case have a rebated rim? If so, it is the round I’m thinking of.


M862 Practice round. .50 BMG versions are M858 & M860 Practice & Practice Tracer. Also 7.62 NATO and 9mm variants, though I’m unsure if they were type classified for US service.

Keith - do you have any pictures of the short range type you are referring to, in 9mm Para caliber?

Thanks for the info guys. A new one on me which is why I belong to this association.


Lew probably has more details…

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Samples I received of the ammo:

The boxes you show were originally a French contract from Dynamit A.-G (DAG) of Germany, the reason for the label being in French.

I have nine different box labels for this type of DAG ammunition, including the French one (even of the same lot number as you show, which was sold in the U.S. as surplus). I also have one from lot DAG92H1385 with a plain white contract label, with black print, in both English and German. If the U.S. is using this load, or contemplated it, it probably would be with that style of label, or one purely in English.

The commercial boxes are the usual colorful Geco-style boxes and are usually in German, French and English all on the same label.