5.56 No Headstamp

Ok gents, I have another one that I couldn’t match on Jim’s website or anywhere else. No headstamp, non-metallic bullet. The very tip appears to be black. Any help is appreciated!!


Henry, to me it looks like a SP.

Alex it could be but it doesn’t feel like one when I scrape my fingernail across it… Anyway without a head stamp it pains me! I also checked Jim’s website, which is awesome, and he does have a few without head stamps I couldn’t find it. I will keep searching through the material you sent but this one might take me a while…

Thanks again for passing off all that knowledge earlier my friend!

Can you compare side-by-side with another 5.56x45mm cartridge? The neck on this one looks too long to be a 5.56x45mm and there is an unfinished/uncrimped look to the case mouth. Also, is the primer brass or nickel? It is hard to tell from the picture.

This is the “.22 Experimental” made by Remington in 1957 for the Springfield Armory .224 cal. rifle. A soft point bullet made by Sierra is correct for this cartridge.



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Wow, you guys are good…again AKMS with the eye! Also it has a nickel primer. Fede, you’re probably right. I must have been looking in the wrong place obviously. Man you guys are great!

Fede you nailed it, found the reference in HWS lll pg 398. I home i’m like you guys when I grow up, I can’t believe you eye-balled that!

How do I find Jim’s website?


Thank You!

Jim beat me to it. I have had a blast today going through about 50 5.56 type cartridges. EOD shared some Fuchs documents too which helped me immensely. Plus I ordered that book as well. Been a very productive day for this collector, thanks to you guys!!

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Fede, I just found this box, forgot I had it. Is this a full box of what you were describing or is this something different? Box is sealed so i can’t compare…

Philip, that box contains a different cartridge designated .224 Winchester E2 (with FMJ and W C C 5 8 headstamp), while yours is a predecessor of the .222 Remington Magnum (same dimensions).

You can see a picture of the “.22 Experimental” box here, plus a picture of the .224 E2: 1965 Remington supply of 5,56x45 to the UK



Gracias Fede…V/r Henry