5.56 r13bk

I have 3 blanks, headstamps are R13BK 96 RG R13BK 97 RG R13BK 99 RG all made by Radway green. 99 has a red p/a no p/a on other two. all three have a black case mouth seal where the other RG blanks for the same year have green case mouth seals. My question is …is there a list for the dates the R13BK were made, or do I have all known dates for that headstamp…(wishful thinking)…paul.

Just to ad to this. The RG blanks for 1996 and 97 have green case mouth seals and from 1998 -2010 all the case mouth seals are black. So 1998 seems to be the change over from green to black, why would this be?
For the year 1991 there are two headtamps L1A1 and L1A2 ok some small spec changes, the same happens in 2003 with the two headstamps L1A2 changing to L1A3, then in 2005 it jumps from L1A3 to L18A1. does anyone know why ?

When you have them all out and side by side you notice that the length of the case mouth crimp differ The early ones are quite short ranging from 4.02mm-7.47mm (1986-91) in 91 the length goes to 8.29mm and is around that mark until 2010. Has any one else seen this?..paul

Paul, you don’t have all of the headstamps although I do believe that your 1997 date is the earliest for this style of headstamp. I have a ‘R13BK 00 RG’ and www.municion.org shows a ‘R13BK 01 RG’.
I believe that these were made for export to The Netherlands, probably Australia, and possibly to Denmark. Perhaps the tips were coloured to suit the country purchasing the ammunition.
I have these blanks catalogued as being of the L1A2 type but I am now wondering if perhaps R13BK is actually a code for the L1A3.

thanks Jim…looking at my blanks I have two headstamps for 2003 L1A2 and L1A3 and only L1A3 after that date so I would say thats the year it changed. So I dont think you could list yours as L1A3 as it would be 3 years to early…paul.

Millions of the R13BK blanks came to Australia, in the late 1990s ( also some L1A2 mid-90s dates), before Benalla ( start up 1995) got its “Automatic Machinery” enabled to make the 5,56 F3 Blank; the Automatic Machinery (replacing the G+W SCAMP system in use at Footscray up to the early 90s) was supposedly ManuRhin and New LeChaussee ( since Thales is a French Company).

Initially I thought it was ammo for South Africa ( they use the “R” coding) but the Mixture with other RG Blanks and Ball cases indicated to me an “Interim supply” ( as happened with FN Blanks and Ball in the 1980s and 2004, for both 5,56 and 7,62). The Purchase contracts by D^D with ADI (Thales) are for “Supply” of ammunition, not “Manufacture in Australia”; which allows them to “buy in” ammo if the need arises. ( Suppliers have been FN, FNM (Portugal, 7.62 Blanks) HP, IMI, PSD, RG, LC, etc.).

The R13BK are a Boxer Primed case ( early FN are Berdan, 2004 FN are Boxer)…which makes them ( fired cases) great for recycling into 7,62x25 Ball and Blanks, and also 9mm Para Blanks and .380 ACP Blanks (Movie use). We are also looking at a “Re-draw” process to make .30 M1 Carbine Blanks from 5,56 cases.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics Technical and Film Ordnance Services.