5.56 RG Frangible ca 94


I just picked up a couple of these. Overall weight is 152.8gr. Clearly frangible loads by Radway Green, or so they appear. Are they standard issue? Is there a designation for this load?




5.56mm ROTA (Royal Ordnance Training Ammunition)
As far as I’m aware they were never actually adopted for British military use although the Ministry of Defence Police and several other police forces do use them.
I believe a quantity were also supplied for US Navy SEAL use.


Makes sense. I have a similar load in 9x19mm from about the same date.


I do know that back in the late 1990’s the SEALS bought some quantity of 5.56mm frangible ammunition loaded by, I think, Winchester. They used sintered or plastic-bonded copper bullets made by Delta Frangible Ammunition. But I don’t have any more details, except that it was NOT intended as training ammunition.