5.56 x 45 Charger clip

I just picked up on our range a 10-shot standard M16 charging clip, assembly 11010483, marked “ggg”. I take these to be lower-case letters “G” and not number nines.

Is this the same maker as “G. G. G.” (G. G. Greene?). Is this unusual. I don’t recall seeing one of these before, although truthfully, I don’t collect them and I don’t have an AR any more to use them, so am not up to date on markings.

John, I recall an earlier thread where I asked the same question. I think that “G.G.G.” and “ggg” are two different manufacturers. Hopefully the same person who answered my question will chime in here.


“GGG” is the Latvia State Ammunition facility, near Kaunas. I forget the exact rendition, but they do have a webpage. They originally started by making 7,62 Nato in 2003 or so, now they also make 5,56 as well as other calibres.
Whether they also use “ggg” I don’t know.

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I thought about the Latvian connection to those letters, but these clips were probably left on the range by police (there had been too many of them for one shooter), and the only cases I could find around were Lake City. That doesn’t prove that they are NOT Latvian, but it lessens the possibility. They did police up the range, unusual for the police who usually leave our range pretty much a mess, because all the clips were in two or three of the garbage cans, so they may have policed up the brass and taken it with them for salvage. In that case, the clip could be anything. All the terminology on the clips is U.S., by that may be standard for all these - I don’t know, as I don’t collect them and have never had any foreign ones whose identity I knew go through my hands. They are marked:

                            ggg   ASSY    11010483

I have a copy of Mil Hdbk 1461A which lists military contractors against their letter codes. The copy I have is the April 1999 revision.

In Appendix A, page 158 it lists ‘GGG’ as being GG Greene Enterprises Inc. of 1408 Pennsylvania Ave, West Warren, PA.

However, on page 407 of Appendix B it lists the code as being for Keystone Stamping Works.

Whether these codes only apply to the upper case 'GGG or also to the lower case ‘ggg’ I have no idea.

Happy collecting, Peter

As I recall from the last time this question came up, GGG was GG Greene and ggg was Keystone, with Keystone being the newer producer of the two.


Enfield and AKMS - thanks! that sounds more logical than Latvia for the circumstances under which these stripper clips were found. I am surprised, though, the Keystone was issued the same basic code as Greene, especially since it doesn’t seem to relate in the least to their company name. Well, who knows what the Government does?

I have a 7,62x51 box with also the markings G G G
It is made in Lithouwen (Latvia)


you are excused because there is an awful lot of water between you and this place. Latvia is the next country down the Baltic coast. Kaunas is the second largest town in Lithuania. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaunas