5.56 X 45 Humane Bullet round?

hi Folks, purchased at a recent gun show this round mikes out to the 5.56 X 45 it has a NORMA .222 headstamp , I was told it has a humane bullet ,which certainly looks different with its more rounded ogive and small flat nose its CW, with FMJ and is non magnetic , flat brass primer , sorry I can’t post photo , anyone help with any info ? thanks Randy

What’s “humane” about it? Is it more or less lethal to reduce suffering?


Just a guess without seeing it, but could it be one of the lead free/frangible/non toxic bullets? AKA green ammuntion.

Not sure about the 45mm case length and the 222 headstamp. That seems to be contradictory.

I suppose you could say that it is more humane than a regular bullet. At least you won’t get lead poisoning. ;) ;)


Didn’t the Swiss manufacture a “more humane” 5.56 load a few years back?
As I recall, they made the jacket thicker so the projectile would not fragment when it hit a person. Seems that the fragmentation effect that makes this small caliber more lethal was considered inhumane. Really though, is ANY gunshot wound “humane”?


So they made a bullet with the wound ballistic performance of the… .22 LR? Nice.