5.56 x 45mm by PMP for Singapore (2006) 50rd Boxes With Inspection Over Labels

Found these at a gun show recently and thought the inspection over labels were interesting. Each of the boxes had been opened and I assume the contents inspected and then resealed with tape and the inspection label applied over the tape.

Contract loading by PMP (Pretoria Metal Pressings Ltd., Pretoria, Republic of South Africa) for Singapore. Headstamp date code is " NF ", N = 2000’s and F = 6 or 2006.

Because some parts of the over labels were lightly printed or creased, two boxes were photographed side by side to get good images of the same over label.


Box contents

Headstamp & cartridge

Corrections, additions, comments most welcomed.


Brian thank you for sharing!
Lots of writing on such a label for a repack or inspection.

Interesting headstamp!

Brian, great post and pictures, thanks!

I can add that it was inspected by Pierce Ammunition Depot (PAD) in Singapore. Also, the first “D” in the lot number stand for “Denel” and the second “D” is the month code (April).



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