5.56 x 45mm, M855, IMI Production


I recently obtained a 30 round carton (box) of 5.56 x 45mm, M855 ball cartridges, IMI production. The first thing I noticed when I opened the carton was the bullets did not have green painted tips associated with M855 ammunition and most of the cartridges had dents or big scratches and a few bullet tips were blunted. One bullet has an open tip, is this the result of a production problem or is this something else?
Red prime annulus, all bullets are magnetic.

30 round carton

Headstamp; IMI 2010 with NATO “⨁” symbol at 12:00 position

Side profile, open tip bullet cartridge at the top, normal cartridge below.

Side by side view of bullet tips, open tip on the right.



Hi Brian
some years ago I came across a large bunch of Israeli 223 that had primers installed sideways, upside down & etc. I was told, at the time, by other collectors “poor quality control”.

No idea about these.


I am pretty sure they still have bad quality controls!


Military rejects and 2nds for sure, and they don’t care about liability in the US like , say Federal would :)