5.56 xm777


Any one have a picture of a 5.56 XM777 sectioned?


I have only a drawing from the frontcore…
Its more or less the same thing as an SS109 from FN, but had as XM777 a black bullet tip.
here the core:





The straight-based XM777 in the photograph looks a little suspicious to me. As far as I know, the XM777 / XM778 bullets had exactly the same outward shape as the ordinary M193 / M196. They could be used with the M16A1 and its 12" twist.
Alas, I currently have no access to my library due to construction work.


We had a screw factory where I lived in Israel. It made those cores for IMI, and probably also for export.


Jon, do you remember the name of the factory?


Jochem, I think the lack of contrast gives the idea of a flat based bullet. In any case, you are right, the XM777 bullet has a 9º boat-tail.




Fede, it was known as MIVRAG, at Ein HaShofet.





Hi Steve,

Here you go…



Thanks everyone! Penetrator is smaller than I would have expected.