5.56 yellow primer

I have a round I can not place. I dont know if the primer is brass or nickle because it has thick bright yellow paint covering the p/a and primer. The headstamp is FC 223 REM (large letters) the bullet is fmj with a flat base fully covered, the body of the bullet is smooth with no cannelure, the tip of the bullet has a small hole in it. Bullet wt=70.1gr length= 0.840" or 21.35mm. Sorry but cant upload a pic at this time…paul.

That sounds like a target round with a Matchking type bullet.

not a lot of info but it gives the post a nudge. Go on the Sierra site and see if you can anything close. I’m not saying it is a Sierra but its a good place to start while waiting for somebody who actually knows what he is talking about to happen along. .

Thanks Vince… I will try and upload a pic in the morning…paul.