5.56mm ACR Duplex Phase 1

Here is a picture of the 5.56mm Phase 1 round which I have been looking for for a long time and managed to find at the recent ECRA meeting in Deepdale, Lincolnshire. This find nicely completes my set of the 5.56mm ACR Duplex rounds;






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Very nice! I didn’t spot that one…

Fixing the pictures

Edit: I added the pictures to the original post.

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For those unfamiliar with the subject, see page 30+ of this article for a summary of the ACR project and photos of the four different types of ammo and the guns which fired them: http://quarryhs.co.uk/GPC.pdf


@Tony.Williams I appreciate your work and website.

Jester, is there a reason as to why you chose to resurrect these particular images when they are already accessible here…militarycartridges.com

may as well add these X-rays to the thread. Not going to take the time to tie headstamps to the X-ray so please don’t ask

And a picture of the sectioned round. This is the yellow tipped round. 2-piece projectile design. Note the step in the core of the rear projectile.

Pete - those are nice variations that you show with 2 front projectiles being used (2 & 4 from the left)


Was searching ACR, this thread had good pics on Photobucket so I copied them to the thread.