5.56mm Belgian dummies

Does anybody know who made these two patterns of 5.56mm drill round? Ron Fuchs shows box labels for both on his site however those labels don’t give any information regarding the manufacturer.

Both cartridges have their designation engraved around the case body just above the extractor groove, the top round being ‘5.56DRILL M84BG’ and the second round ‘5.56DRILL M84B1BG’



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The BG clearly says it’s a Belgian used/made round.
In the '80s ‘ASM’ made almost all of the dummy products for the Belgian forces, so it might be them who made these.
On the “municion.org” website, a similar M84BG round is shown where they mention lotnumber 0001ASM93 (so confirming ASM made these in the '90s)

Excellent, thank you!